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Re: grub with sata drives?

On Monday 03 November 2008, "Thomas H. George" <lists@tomgeorge.info> wrote 
about 'grub with sata drives?':
>I have two sata drives, sda and sdb with the root partition on sdb.  I
>installed grub on sdb and made the following entries in

GRUB loads before Linux, so it doesn't use the names Linux assigns to the 
devices.  ALL hard drives that are available to GRUB are (hd?) and ALL 
partitions are (hd?,?).  There's no difference between IDE, SCSI, PATA, 
SATA, etc.

If you get to a 'grub> ' command-line *during the boot process* (GRUB's 
device.map is never generated correctly on my system, so I ignore it), you 
can type root (hd<TAB><TAB> to get a list of drives and partitions that 
GRUB can use as a root device.

Also, (and I only mention this because it's not clear from your mail that 
you understand it) 'kopt' and 'groot' are "commands" to the 
debian-specific update-grub program and should a) have a single '#' in 
front of them and b) be between the ### BEGIN AUTOMAGIC KERNEL LIST ### 
and ### END AUTOMAGIC KERNEL LIST ### lines (as documented in menu.lst; 
read the comments).  GRUB itself will not recognize these "commands" 
either in menu.lst or at the 'grub> ' prompt.
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