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Re: simple home dns, dhcp server.

On Tue, Nov 04, 2008 at 02:34:58PM +1000, Lachlan wrote:
> my idea to fix this is to have an old laptop (old as in i upgraded 3
> months ago, running lenny but hasn't been updated since august) that
> i'm thinking could be used as the network dhcp instead of my modem
> (which i'm thinking is half the problem) this server would connect to
> the internet with the modem and then give each system on the network a
> dhcp address as well as provide an internel dns.
> i've looked at guides that use bind 9 but it doesn't make a whole lot
> of sense for what i'm trying to achieve. at least as far as i'm aware.
> networking isn't my forte.
> so is it possible to use a single nic laptop as a dhcp/dns server for
> an internal home network?
> if that is possible would moving my apache server to the same laptop
> cause issues with the dhcp/dns config?

look at dnsmasq.  I don't use the dhcp part, but it works just fine
out-of-the-box for dns.  The box that connects to my (dialup) modem runs
dnsmasq and has all my hosts in /etc/hosts.  The other boxes on my
network know their own hostname, IP address, and the IP of the box
running dnsmasq as the DNS server.  

DHCP has seemed like overkill for me where each box is dedicated to
something specific (i.e. the main box, the print/backup/terminal server,
the OpenBSD box; with coresponding hostnames of titan, rocky (noisy
fan), and reliant (14 years old, never a problem).


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