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Re: grub with sata drives?

On Mon, Nov 3, 2008 at 2:28 PM, Thomas H. George <lists@tomgeorge.info> wrote:
> I have two sata drives, sda and sdb with the root partition on sdb.  I
> installed grub on sdb and made the following entries in
> /boot/grub/menu.lst:

As far as I know, grub doesn't use the Linux /dev/ nodes to access
disks.  The syntax for both IDE and SATA drives should be the same for
your menu.lst, so something along the lines of groot=(hd0,0).  Since
you are using the secondary drive (in Linux, /dev/sdb) I guess it
would probably be groot=(hd1,0).  You'd still want kopt=root=/dev/sdb1
as it is though, since that parameter is intended for the kernel and
not the bootloader.


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