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Re: how to use mencoder to record TV program

Serena Cantor wrote:

> Thanks! It's not easy to use mencoder. I copy and use your script,
> mencoder report error when parsing -tv option. Then I remove "channel=$CH"
> from -tv option, mencoder report "Unable to open /dev/dsp" and "0 frames
> successfully processed, 0 frames droped"
> It's too hard to use, I'd rather give up.

You have to replace with your setup/configuration. The one I posted is meant
to be a shell script.

you have to specify a channel that you want to record this is the $CH
variable. I though as you've been working on command line you are familiar
with all this.

You can try the vdr (video disk recorder) package. There are interfaces for
different desktops like kde or gnome to schedule recordings.

I'm in Austria and here they switched to DTV broadcast so I'm using now
klear for recording, but I remember there was a tool to do analog recording
too but don't know what's the name the one I've tried is vdr with kvdr.

you may try

tv://<SOME_CHANNEL> -o out.avi

replace <SOME CHANNEL> with the channel you want to record i.e. E11
replace PAL with the standard that's used in your location replace
europe-west with the channel list that is suitable for your location.

If it works you'll get out.avi file with the stream. IF not post again
what's the issue.

Never give up!


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