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Re: Electricity Cutoffs, EXT3 and Filesystems

On Mon, Nov 3, 2008 at 10:46 AM, Michael Iatrou <m.iatrou@freemail.gr> wrote:
> When the date was Sunday 02 November 2008, Volkan YAZICI wrote:
>> Please, I don't want to start a flamewar between filesystems. But could
>> anybody give any recommendations to me?
> First of all, avoid XFS at any cost: it has a bad history with power
> failures.

I'd second this very strongly. I used XFS for a year or so on my
desktop and every time there was a power cut or a nasty crash I ended
up with filesystem damage - seemingly random files (not just ones in
active or recent use) truncated or just plain trashed; it's really
annoying when /etc/passwd gets filled with garbage. I eventually got
around to switching after it destroyed my filesystem beyond my ability
to recover it.

I'd recommend anything over XFS, including FAT12 or just writing stuff
down on a piece of paper.


PS. Apparently they've improved some power-failure problems with XFS
since I used it, but then they also said that *before* I started using
it so I can't say I'd put any trust in that.

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