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Re: working with svn copy on two machines

On 2-nov-2008, at 11:24, John Allen wrote:

H.S. wrote:

I am trying to see if there is a way such that I can use both my lab
machine and home machine copies of the source code as working copies.
The way I understand is that when I am in the middle of some change, I
will have to commit back from home or lab in that unfinished state,
update my copy at home or lab and then continue working. Is this what is
commonly done in such situations?

Yes. Do not use rsync. Only use svn, and commit after working, and update on the other machine to get the changes.

Or, if you don't like having a gazillion intermediate commits in your trunk, you could also create a branch an work on that. You'd commit the intermediate changes in the branch and merge it in trunk when you've completed a task, keeping your trunk's history clean.


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