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Re: working with svn copy on two machines

H.S. wrote:

I am working on a project which I have hosted as a repository on our
university's network. The repository is in my home directory.

Now, I either work in my lab at the univ. or from home. Till now I have
been using my univ. computer only for svn commands (update, commit,
etc.) where I had checked out a working copy. And I just rsync from my
lab machine to my home machine when I want to work from home and then
rsync back to update my lab machine. The
rsync command I use at home is this:
$> rsync  -auCvze ssh  ./ labmachine:~/project/

However, this way I cannot give svn commands at my home machine. It
would be nice to do so though. Basically, only my lab machine is the
working copy in this situation.

I tried checking out a working copy at both the machines. But if I use
rsync after that to sync my changes between the two machines before I am
in a position to commit, rsync wants to copy over many files, including
the ones I have not modified at all.

What do others do in such a situation? Sorry if this is a basic
question. I am relatively new to SVN.

I am trying to see if there is a way such that I can use both my lab
machine and home machine copies of the source code as working copies.
The way I understand is that when I am in the middle of some change, I
will have to commit back from home or lab in that unfinished state,
update my copy at home or lab and then continue working. Is this what is
commonly done in such situations?

Yes. Do not use rsync. Only use svn, and commit after working, and update on the other machine to get the changes.
Or perhaps there is way to rsync between two working copies while I am
working on an unfinished change?

Hope I am clear in the query.


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