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Re: Can I expand VBox disk drives?

Op Sat, 01 Nov 2008 15:48:56 -0500, Dennis Wicks wrote:
> I installed VBox with Dynamically Expanding Image for the disk drives
> but the C drive has expanded to the point that it is nearly full. Is
> there any way I can expand the available space for VBox vdi drives?

It is not impossible, but it appears to be difficult.
VirtualBox does not offer any way of increasing the capacity of a
virtual disk.
Some users, however, seem to have found ways to copy its contents to a
larger, empty one.
The best explanation I've found up till now is this one:
You could find more information by searching the VirtualBox mailing list
archives, using 'vdi' as the key word, or by subscribing to that mailing

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