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Re: sda failure - no log

On Tue, Oct 28, 2008 at 10:36:17AM -0400, Tamas Hegedus wrote:
> * I backed up my data
> * This morning I tried to figure out what was the problem, but I could 
> not find anything via dmesg - everything seems to be normal; sda was 
> brought up normally w journaling - based on dmesg.
> How could I figure out the problem, how can I be relaxed about my data 
> and using that hard disk? I think the hd should be ok, not very old (max 
> 2 year old)... I did not dare to restart my system yet :-)

I'd stress-test the drive.  I use a lot of old hardware so have this
down pat:  boot with a live CD (I use grml) on boxes that boot CD, and a
custom boot set (based on Woody) for older boxes that only boot floppy.  

on one VT, run e2fsck -c -c (the double -c causes it to do a slow read
write verify bad-block test so that each sector gets read and written).
Do this for each filesystem you have.

On another VT, run tail -f /var/log/syslog and watch for drive errors.

If all goes well, reboot the system and do a long smartclt test and see
if the drive has recorded inordinate errors.  Also check the drive temp
after all that activity.

Remember, a SMART error is a good indication of a problem, but the lack
of a SMART error is not necessarily a good inidcation of a lack of a


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