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sda failure - no log


Last night, very late :-) I did the following:

* press the power-on button

* the system did not start; I think the button was stuck and what I could hear (very gentle noise; I had to put my ears close to the box) that the power supply and CD-rom got power for a second at every few second

* than I took a hammer :-) joke; applied some force on the power-on button and the system was turned off; then I could turn the system on

* at the startup I got some massage that the file system check failed, press something to enter a shell to correct (run the fschk manually?); but I pressed the other something (cntr-d?) and the system booted up normally

* I backed up my data
* This morning I tried to figure out what was the problem, but I could not find anything via dmesg - everything seems to be normal; sda was brought up normally w journaling - based on dmesg.

How could I figure out the problem, how can I be relaxed about my data and using that hard disk? I think the hd should be ok, not very old (max 2 year old)... I did not dare to restart my system yet :-)

Thanks for your suggestions in advance,

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