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Re: Grub Question

Thomas H. George wrote:
I am trying to convert from lilo where boot=/dev/sdb0 and
root=/dev/sdb1 in lilo.conf

I have tried kopt=root=/dev/sdb1 ro and groot=(sdb,0) in grub's menu.lst
(also kopt=root=/dev/sdb0 ro since I understand grub counts from 0).
The MBR is unchanged and the system still boots with lilo.

A problem could be that the bios setup detects the hard drive which lilo
believes is sdb as Sata 3 (Sata 1 is another hard drive and Sata 2 is an
optical drive).  I thought maybe grub would think lilo's sdb is sdc but
this didn't work either.

A google entry indicated there is a command line continuation feature
which should show the available drives which grub sees.  I haven't been
able to make this work.

The google entries I've found have no examples for designating Sata

What have I missed?

Just install grub on all your disks, so that your system boots irrespective of the boot order in the bios.

Also, it is better to use UUID for specifying the root filesystem in menu.lst as well as in fstab.



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