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Re: Merits of approxy

Sylvain Le Gall wrote:
I was using apt-proxy 3 years ago and it randomly have failures (404 from
time to time). It was also quite slow to my mind (considering the fact
that it is a proxy).

Since then, I use approx (etch version and now backport version). Never
had a failure and it is fast (as I expected a proxy to be).

Regarding features, maybe apt-proxy is better, but I don't think I will
go back to it. Better have something working that something with a lot
of features not working.

Sylvain Le Gall

To quote a previous post on the subject:

The only problems I've had are because it's a bit picky about it's internet connection, I know that sounds weird but when I have it connected directly to the internet with no http proxy it stalls and doesn't work properly, when I have it behind a squid proxy it's happy as a sand boy.

Having said that the version in lenny's not happy yet.

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