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Re: ext3 filesystem and file name restrictions

On Wed, Oct 15, 2008 at 11:25 AM, Jochen Schulz <ml@well-adjusted.de> wrote:
> Adam Hardy:
>> For instance, there is one file name like this:
>> 2AE2EAEE-57AC-46D8-B619-C2167D4C6786:ABPerson.abcdp
>> which has a colon in it that I guess is the problem.
> I am not sure either, but I'd bet on that, too. I guess this is not even
> a problem with neither MacOS X or ext3 -- it might be a restriction you
> get because you are using samba. On Windows the colon has a special
> meaning in path names (it's exclusively used for drive letters like c:)

This isn't entirely true; the reason it's restricted it that it's used to denote
Alternate Data Streams.

In fact, NTFS supports the same filenames as ext3 or
other Posix-compatible filesystems, but the Win32 API does not. This means it's
possible to create a file that cannot be read/changed/deleted from within
Windows, unless you're using SFU, which is unavailable on 64-bit Windows. Even
Cygwin can't help since it's layered on top of the Win32 subsystem. Yes, I speak
from bitter experience :-(.

> and I wouldn't be surprised if this is reflected in their filesharing
> protocol as well.
> J.

This doesn't seem right however - I distinctly recall spending several hours
trying to figure out why I couldn't copy some files from a Samba share in
Windows, and eventually realising that I'd copied them from a Linux system
without checking for things like restricted file names, and sure enough some of
them had colons.

If it's a Samba restriction, then it's not in the protocol - maybe there's an
option that can be set in the Samba server?


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