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Re: puseaudio in Debian - is it ready?

H.S. wrote:
> Paul Johnson wrote:
>> A good way to needlessly complicate your audio setup especially if
>> everything is working fine using the traditional ALSA approach.
>> Pulseaudio also breaks voice and sometimes all sound support in Second
>> Life despite claiming ESD compatibility.  Pulse is not without major
>> show stopping drawbacks that make it unsuitable for desktop use, and
>> there doesn't seem to be any serious effort on part of pulse partisans
>> to fix the situation anytime soon.  Pulseaudio is unsuitable for the
> Yes, I noticed that too with all the config files editing a user has to
> go through to even attempt to see if it has started to work.
>> desktop, and I hope it doesn't ever make it into the default desktop
>> install until there's damn good reason for it to be there.
> Man, you really dislike pa! :)
I dislike all sound daemons used without good need.  There's nothing so
showstoppingly wrong that you can't just use ALSA unless you have
software that actually needs the functionality provided by a sound
daemon.  Save for that usage case, there's really not a point to use any
of them.  Pulseaudio is a particularly thorny issue for me because too
often I hear people complaining about sound in Linux. Frequently, after
a little investigation, it turns out that their distribution installed
Pulse by default.  And Pulse has broken sound for whatever program
they're having problem's with.  Good example:  Second Life.  The problem
is still present, but less pronounced in the Debianized version,
omvviewer[1], likely because vivox is non-free and thus voice support is
not included (and anything vivox based seems to be it's own little joy
to make work in it's own right in Linux).
> I guess I will leave it for now. Though FC9 has it and it seems to work
Right up until it doesn't.  And when it doesn't, it's a severe pain to fix.

[1] There's trademark issues involved with this package, a-la the
Iceweasel situation.

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