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Debian Stole My Name!

I'm setting up a new Etch system and just got to the point where it asks 
me for a username.  All my life I've used my first name, Hal, as a 
username (although in all lower case).

Etch won't let me do this.  I did it in Sarge, did it in earlier 
versions, did it in Mandrake, Redhat, and also use it in Ubuntu.  And 
now Etch won't let me use "hal" as a login name.

I've been told that the system should use something like "hal-daemon" 
instead, but it's not letting me do this.

Unfortunately, this is going to be a server on this LAN, including 
providing NIS for all my other systems.

This stinks.

It royally stinks.  You'd think someone would have seen this as an issue 
when setting it up.  Hal isn't the most common name, but it's not 
uncommon and it's certainly a name most geeks are aware of (hey, if the 
haven't seen 2001, then they're not true geeks!).


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