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Re: How to apt-get over ssh tunnel through a firewall?

On 14:38 Fri 03 Oct     , Celejar wrote:
> On Fri, 3 Oct 2008 12:02:22 -0400
> There are several apt proxies available:
> apt-cacher
> apt-cacher-ng
> apt-proxy
> approx
> [I use approx; various readers of this list have their own preferences.]
> Set up one of them on A, configure B-D's sources file appropriately,
> and your ssh procedure should work.

thank you. I am familiar with apt-cacher, but  not with approx which I can 

However, I think that does not solve my problem. For instance
what if the A computer is running etch and B-D are running sid?
How can I get B-D to get software that has not been installed on A?

Is there some smart way to set up a direct tunnel through A
and tell  apt-get to go through the tunnel itself, instead of using
these caching methods which better serve other purposes.
(For instance since B-D run sid, I can cache on one of them for the others.

what software-backbone/port is apt-get using to get the software? 

Are you familiar with setting up tunnels like

ssh -ND 8080  user@destination.com


> > thanks,
> > mitchell
> Celejar
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