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mutt & backscatter clues


I'm getting a little overwhelmed by backscatter spam.

Typically I open the mail (in mutt) and look for the "From" line in the
bounced headers.  When I see a forged name, 
  "fake name" <my_real_address@my_real_dom.tld>
then I know it's backscatter and not a failed email from me.

But that has become too slow for the rare benefit of being alerted when
there is a real failure.

I wish I could, say, grep the email body for "From" lines.

Is there a way to do that?

Or maybe I could configure Exim on my own server so that a failure alert
looks different in mutt than bounces from other servers.

Is there a way to do that in the configuration files?

What strategies are other people using?



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