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Re: [OT] was Re: diff display

On 2008-Sep-11, at 5:08 AM, Tim Edwards wrote:

Ron Johnson wrote:

(If you ever wonder why so many conservatives in the US dislike the UN [besides the rampant corruption] and the EU, it's because they [the UN and the EU...] spew lots of pretty words, but don't have the testicles to enforce them.)

In the UN's case it was specifically designed without balls, these have to be added by the member nations in the form of peace-keeping etc. forces.

Good point. I'm kinda glad they aren't that aggressive because who do you think they'd come after first? In fact, I think the reason they accomplish so little is not that they have no balls. It's because deep down, they think rape, slavery, and genocide are only crimes if perpetrated by capitalists. For everyone else, they'll just kinda get to it when they get to it (which is never).

Why some in the US hate the EU so much I don't know, but I'd guess it has something to do with disliking anyone who could potentially challenge the US as the world's *only* superpower - whether it be a united Europe, China, or Australia armed with nuclear powered Kangaroos and sharks with laser beams :) (we could do it you know - don't try and stop us!)

Free societies aren't a threat to one another. We don't like the EU because of their complete disregard for individual rights. It was conceived of and implemented by socialists. It's that simple.

Rob McBroom

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