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Re: favor needed by debian beginner

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owens@netptc.net wrote:
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>> Subject: Re: favor needed by debian beginner
>> Date: Wed, 3 Sep 2008 10:33:55 +0300
>>> [Your question belongs to debian-user, so I'm Cc'ing there]
>>> On Wed,03.Sep.08, 00:00:13, Navjot Kanda wrote:
>>> [...]
>>>> Its my second day and i tried to make some programs with gcc in C
>>>> language and vim editor.
>>>> But this vim editor is cumbersome.
>>> Here is a nice article which might tell you why (and how) you should
>> use 
>>> vim:
>>> http://linuxgazette.net/152/srinivasan.html
>>> Regards,
>>> Andrei
>>> -- 
>>> If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.
>>> (Albert Einstein)
> I teach C at the college level using Debian (etch).  Although the
> students have gnome and gedit, I actually force them to use vi/nano
> and the CLI for much of the work.  My arguement to them is that
> different distributions of Linux/UNIX have different apps associated
> with them; however all(at least all I have seen) have vi and of
> course the standard terminal interface.  As such, as long as they can
> use the CLI and vi they are capable of utilizing any such machine.
> Larry
And don't forget that once you become accustomed to the power of vim,
other editors will start to feel cumbersome by comparison.


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