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Missing repeating keypresses in X


I have a strange problem with Xorg:

Installed lenny today from the daily built netinst, all went fine.

apt-get install xorg xmonad
## installed nvidia drivers from nvidia.com as I have dualhead and a
(until yet) working xorg.conf

Now when I open a terminal (xterm) and press e.g. "a" keep holding it
down I don't get repeated "a"'s in my term. It's like only the first
keypress is recognized.

I have no idea what to look at to get any decent info to change this
setting so any help would be appreciated.

Before that the box had ubuntu/hardy on it but it kept choking random
errors on me which I was to lazy to fix because there's too much
"Ubuntu does it for me"-magic involved (all those are unrelated to the
keyboard, that were errors about some gnome applets not being happy
with me using /etc/apt/sources.d/...list files instead of a single
file and somesuch.

any ideas what to look at?



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