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Re: iPod Nano

On 2008-08-29 04:41, Jos Collin wrote:
> I have upgraded the distribution (lenny) once again and set the
> 'FirewireGuid' for my iPod Nano. Now the gtkpod starts working.

I'm glad it works for you now. I've just got my classic two days ago,
and it also took more than one iteration till I typed everything ok. It
now works with both gtkpod and amarok.

I'm a bit surprised that you had to upgrade your lenny to get it done.

It is a real shame, that apple don't deliver it in a workable state, but
that they make you change some files just to get it work.

(I'd really like to know, if it works 'out of the box' on macs or if
those files are modified by their software).


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