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Re: Iceweasel Suddenly Killed

On 08/29/2008 01:42 AM, Zaki Akhmad wrote:

I am using Iceweasel as my web browser. The problem starts as I
installed mozilla-noscript add on.Previously I have twitterfox and
downthemall addon and they work fine. But now, iceweasel suddenly
stop, dissapear.

What's wrong? Where's the log where I can see? Oh ya, one more thing I
am trying to install flash player on my Iceweasel.


When does Iceweasel stop and disappear? If it disappeared when you installed mozilla-noscript, that should be expected. Restart iceweasel. If iceweasel won't start after the installation of mozilla-noscript, we might need to see the output from iceweasel when it fails; launch it from a terminal and show us the output.

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