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[debian-user] Re: Wikipedia

I hope this message is not OT and forgive my ignorance but I received a very informative response to some of my questions and several people recommended that I make better use of everyones time by first going to Wikipedia. The messages were more or less as follows:

See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multi_core for more information

So, I am being told by some to use wikipedia as a credible reference for technical questions.

It is my understanding that use of wikipedia may subject the reader to faulty information. There were several blurbs in the news and in news letters that very clearly indicated a "user beware" warning. Also, there was recently an internal conflict between several individuals working at wikipedia and the conflict was over the growing content some of which was mis-information and in one case submitted by someone using false credentials.

So, I became very cautious about wikipedia although there seems to be a lot of "sound" information. I have seen a lot of references to wikipedia from the Debian lists to lists that are science oriented and mathematically oriented. Does anyone know what the real facts are on wikipedia. Are all the news items I have read on this subject just garbage??? I collect hundreds of news reports every day and all of them are credible and responsibly written. I obtained my information via these news reports. So, what's going on here???

Thanks, Ted

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