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Any way to crossbuild the nvidia kernel module?


I have a diskless system running with Debian Live which I use for TV-out 
from time to time. In order to get optimal performance (this is only a 
PIII-500 machine with 256 MB RAM) I have to use the nvidia driver.

This was not a problem until now as I could build the package on my 
laptop and then include in the live image. Needless to say it's 
impossible to build the nvidia module package on the live system due to 
space constraints

Recently I bought a new laptop and installed amd64 on it. I was able to 
install the -686 headers by using dpkg's '--force-architecture' and used 
the '-l' switch from m-a to build for the correct kernel, but the 
*package* is still for amd64.

I think I could --force-architecture on it too, but I'd rather do it 
correctly. Is there a way to build the package for i386 without a 

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