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Re: lynx upgrade issue?

Thomas Dickey <dickey@radix.net> wrote:
TD> On Tue, Aug 05, 2008 at 11:10:17PM +0200, i'll teach you to turn away. wrote:
TD> If lynx thinks there's no color-style file, it'll construct a style from
TD> the "COLOR" settings that mimics the non-color-style.  (It's done that
TD> way intentionally, to let most of the people who want the old style to
TD> use it).

TD> The original text (removing the "> TD> " for instance) is a shell script
TD> named "oldlynx" in the samples directory of lynx, e.g.,

TD> The script constructs a temporary copy of lynx.cfg, overrides a few
TD> settings to produce a screen that looks much like the non-color-style
TD> lynx.

TD> I named it "oldlynx" to make it very simple; with some minor tinkering it
TD> could be named "lynx" and told to run "lynx.cur", for example.

	thomas, i know you're awesome. & i know you're trying really hard 
to help me. for some reason, my brain is broken on this. i do not 
understand how you want me to apply the oldlynx script into the current 
config, or where to point to it, or... anything really. am i just supposed 
to run the oldlynx script with root & let it ...do what it's going to do?


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