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Re: lynx upgrade issue?

On Tue, Aug 05, 2008 at 11:10:17PM +0200, i'll teach you to turn away. wrote:
> Thomas Dickey <dickey@radix.net> wrote:
> TD> On Thu, Jul 31, 2008 at 08:00:21PM +0200, i'll teach you to turn away. wrote:
> >>       there's nothing in there about color_style. in fact, the only 
> >> thing in the entire directory about color_style is in 
> >> /etc/lynx-cur/lynx.cfg.dpkg-dist, whatever that is. & it's already 
> >> commented out:
> >> #COLOR_STYLE: lynx.lss
> TD> The commented-out values correspond (or should...) to the default values
> TD> compiled into lynx.
> 	...but i don't want the default values. isn't that the point?

yes (that's what the replies to your posting are addressing).

The commented-out values are part of the documentation,
to show what the default values are as well as to illustrate
the syntax.
> >> COLOR_STYLE: ~/.lynx/colors
> TD> The data in the COLOR_STYLE file is organized differently from lynx.cfg
> 	yes, i agree... so how do i get them to relate?

If lynx thinks there's no color-style file, it'll construct a style from
the "COLOR" settings that mimics the non-color-style.  (It's done that
way intentionally, to let most of the people who want the old style to
use it).
> TD> The "oldlynx" script (which may be part of the package) suppresses the
> TD> color-style file, which makes it look very close to the old version.
> 	ok, but how do i make it recognize this, or...? my apologies, i'm 
> a bit lost on what to do next.

The original text (removing the "> TD> " for instance) is a shell script
named "oldlynx" in the samples directory of lynx, e.g.,

The script constructs a temporary copy of lynx.cfg, overrides a few
settings to produce a screen that looks much like the non-color-style

> TD> For reference (the script):

I named it "oldlynx" to make it very simple; with some minor tinkering it
could be named "lynx" and told to run "lynx.cur", for example.

Thomas E. Dickey

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