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Re: Official Release Update Method

> I mean, is there a standard operating procedure for updating from one
> release to the new stable? Or is it only a matter of what the release notes
> say for each update?

The standard procedure is always more or less the same. Edit
sources.list if it doesn't contain the new release yet, aptitude update,
aptitude upgrade, aptitude dist-upgrade.

But there a always a few pitfalls which you should know before
upgrading. That's why you should always read the release notes.

> I have been informed that it could be disastrous to simply change
> sources.list from "etch" to "stable" and wait for the switch to lenny.

The problem with this approach is that you might end up running into the
upgrade at an inconvenient time. If you stay with "etch" in your
sources.list, your system will never upgrade without your knowing.

> I had been under the impression that there is an upgrade period for
> every release in which transitional packages are included with staged
> package upgrades for the new stable release. 

I don't think I understand what you mean. What you're saying sounds a
lot like the testing branch.

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