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Re: Official Release Update Method

On Mon,04.Aug.08, 22:43:32, freeman wrote:
> I mean, is there a standard operating procedure for updating from one
> release to the new stable? Or is it only a matter of what the release notes
> say for each update?
More or less yes.

> I have been informed that it could be disastrous to simply change
> sources.list from "etch" to "stable" and wait for the switch to lenny. I had
> been under the impression that there is an upgrade period for every release
> in which transitional packages are included with staged package upgrades for
> the new stable release. 

Not really. When "lenny" will be released the symlink "stable" which now 
points at "etch" will then point to "lenny".

> That then would represent the user's safest bet at not getting stuck with an
> expiring OS.

What is keeping you from upgrading?

> If it is a case by case issue, it seems to put the user in an odd situation.
> The user is stuck with an expiring OS, as sarge just did, or the user must
> relearn the upgrade process for each new release.
> TIA for any insight! :)
The release notes are documenting the recommended upgrade procedure and 
also document various issues that you could encounter. Read the release 
notes and upgrade. What seems to be the problem?

If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.
(Albert Einstein)

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