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Keyboard problems

A long time ago, probably around March or so, my keyboard was fine. I
use three keyboard layouts, and I found that Alt+Capslock keychord
useful for switching between the three of them. It was so set up in
the Gnome preferences, and all was well.

At some point later during some upgrade (I track testing with an
occasional non-critical unstable package), this merry arrangement was
lost, and has been broken ever since. Now the Alt+Capslock keychord
isn't recognised, but if I go into the Gnome preferences and make any
modifications to the keychords use for switching keyboard layouts
(e.g. click and unclick one of the many other keychords available) it
works again, minus the minor discomfort that the keyboard capslock LED
toggles when I do the Alt+Capslock keychord. This didn't happen

I have seen similar behaviour in other GTK+ apps. In Xchat, for
instance, I like Ctrl+Shift+n and C-S-p for switching between the
previous and next tab (looks similar to Emacs keychords, and feels
comfortable). However, I see a very similar behaviour in that
restarting Xchat makes the keychords non-functional until I go again
into the Xchat preferences and again make some random change to the
keychords therein and undo it immediately.

What's going on? It's freeze time now, and I want this problem to get
fixed when lenny releases, since my mom will be using lenny on her
laptop when it releases. I need help figuring out even what package to
file a bug for.

- Jordi G. H.

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