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Re: packet forwarding.

Mike, Alex & others,

Sorry for the broken thread.

mb>  2) That joule knows the route to cantor (via dalton) 

Just what I was missing; thanks!

Now, where to specify this route?

(1) "up route add ..." can not go in the eth0 
stanza in /etc/network/interfaces because 
tun0 is configured after eth0.
I wonder about adding a tun0 stanza to 

(2) Perhaps a better candidate is the up 
command in /etc/openvpn/myvpn.conf.  Is 
the following plausible?

joule:/etc/openvpn# cat myvpn.conf
# openvpn configuration for joule.
# Default protocol is udp.
# Default port is 1194.
# The following is dalton.pathology.ubc.ca.
dev tun
verb 5
secret /root/key
up 'route add -host gw; echo up'
down 'route del -host gw; echo down'

If another route is added, I should find how 
to continue the parameter over multiple lines.

Thanks,          ... Peter E.

http://carnot.yi.org/ = http://carnot.pathology.ubc.ca/

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