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Re: re: how to close port 113

Jude DaShiell wrote:
> Install and run arno-iptables-firewall and tell it your
> internet port like eth0 or ppp0 and leave the rest of the
> defaults alone.  Port 113 will be closed once this is done
> since one of the defaults with arno-iptables-firewall is to
> first deny all ports then only open up those you specifically
> choose to open.

In general my advice would be to make your system secure /without/
a firewall. I.e. do not run services that you do not need, and
make the ones you /do/ need only accessible from the LAN, not from
the outside world. Then, you can run a firewall as a double
security. It is dangerous to rely on firewalls only for security
because it so easy to make mistakes with them.

Regards, Jan

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