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Re: Xfce removable media handling

On Fri,01.Aug.08, 16:02:49, David Berg wrote:
> I'm using Xfce4 in Lenny and would like to see icons pop up for
> removable media when it is plugged in.  I've configured udev and
> autofs so that the media is mounted when I plug it in, but I'm not
> getting the desktop/file manager icons in Xfce.
> The only info I can get from Xfce is a complaint that "Either the Xfce
> File Manager was not build with support for D-BUS, or the D-BUS
> service wasn't installed properly." when I try to open the file
> manager preferences dialog.
> D-BUS is installed and running, as is HAL.  Can anyone tell me if the
> package has support for this, or what I could do to fix it?
I'm using Xfce as my Desktop Environment and icons show up automagically 
on my desktop without configuring anything.

How *exactly* do you get that error (Xfce is rather a collection of 

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