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Re: error messages from apt-get

On Friday 01 August 2008 17:10, Bob Cox wrote:
> On Fri, Aug 01, 2008 at 07:37:33 -0700, Vwaju (lou@manhattanhandyman.com) 
> > On Aug 1, 9:40 am, Jochen Schulz <m...@well-adjusted.de> wrote:
> > > Vwaju:
> > > > I am setting up an internet server as a training exercise, using the
> > > > O'Reilly book referenced at the top of this thread.  The server is
> > > > only for training (to learn Debian and networking).
> > >
> > > If it's not publicly available, you could do that. But since lenny is
> > > already on its way, I really don't see a point in that. What exactly do
> > > you need xlispstat for anyway? Couldn't you just go ahead without it?
> >
> > I tried leaving out xlispstat, but next I found that libdb3++-dev is
> > also missing.  (The search function is down on the Debian sight, so I
> > don't know what libdb3++-dev is.)
> http://packages.debian.org/libdb3++-dev shows that this is also
> available only in Sarge.
> "..Package: libdb3++-dev
> Berkeley v3 Database Libraries for C++ [development]
> This is the development package which contains headers and static
> libraries for the Berkeley v3 database library. This is only for
> programs which will use the C++ interface.
> Many programs use the Berkeley Database to store their data. Other
> versions of the database can be found in the db2, db4.0, db4.1 and db4.2
> packages.."

> Bob Cox.  Stoke Gifford, near Bristol, UK.
> Registered user #445000 with the Linux Counter - http://counter.li.org/

Booting up my Sarge install (also have Etch, and Lenny) synaptic also shows 
other deps when installing libdb3++-dev, which it relies on, mainly:
libdb3++c102, and libdb3-dev (I do already have libdb3 showing as installed, 
so that would no doubt be another dep if not installed, and if it was 
possible to install these packages on Etch).

I suppose it's always a problem having a book that's basing it's instructions 
on a specific version of an operating system (couldn't find any reference to 
xlispstat in Sarge's synaptic though).

OT, but I remember many years ago, when I was a lad, finding a circuit 
diagram, with list of components required for building an amplifier (this was 
in the days of valves (vacuum tubes (the big ones) 5z4g rectifiers, 6v6 
output, and so on), and pressed steel chasis's. The tubes wern't a problem, 
but could I find a transformer with the correct voltages. No way jose. The 
power transformer needed the correct voltages for both LT, and HT, also be 
able to provide enough current for both to satisfy the requirements for the 
amplifier. Needless to say the amp never got built.

I did start the wrong way around though. Rather than finding out if all the 
components were available, I had an old chasis lying around, so fitted the 
various bases for the tubes, wired everything up, all the caps, resistors, 
pots, and so on were in place, but no power transformer, or for that matter, 
an output transformer.

Sorry for the OT ramble off into the distant past, but I suppose it makes the 
point that in today's computer age, things move very fast, and books when 
released, are probably already out of date where the info is for use on 
specific distro versions. It would be nice if everything could just slow down 
a bit.

5¢ worth of rambling.


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