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Re: error messages from apt-get

On Aug 1, 9:40 am, Jochen Schulz <m...@well-adjusted.de> wrote:
> Vwaju:
> > I am setting up an internet server as a training exercise, using the
> > O'Reilly book referenced at the top of this thread.  The server is
> > only for training (to learn Debian and networking).

> If it's not publicly available, you could do that. But since lenny is
> already on its way, I really don't see a point in that. What exactly do
> you need xlispstat for anyway? Couldn't you just go ahead without it?

I tried leaving out xlispstat, but next I found that libdb3++-dev is
also missing.  (The search function is down on the Debian sight, so I
don't know what libdb3++-dev is.)

The reason  I'm using the O'Reilly book is my lack of knowledge about
networking.  The book is a "cookbook" -- very short on underlying
theory and explanations of "why".  The idea is that you build the
server using their instructions as a guide, and in the process you
learn what it is that you're actually doing.

If I start leaving things out that are prescribed by the book, in my
present state of ignorance I'll have a difficult time figuring out
what's going on when my results don't conform to the book, and my
progress will be *very slow*.

> >  Therefore, maybe I could install the version of Debian that was
> > current in 2007 (when the book was written).  Would that be "sarge"?

> Etch was released in April 2007, the book probably had an unfortunate
> publishing date.

Was sarge the one before Etch?  Is sarge still available?

Thanks again.


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