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Re: error messages from apt-get

> Couldn't I add  http://packages.debian.org/sarge to /etc/apt/
> sources.list and then say:
> # apt-get install xlispstat

You could try that but then you'd have to make sure that you don't
install other things from sarge as well without you noticing it. And you
might get dependency problems when packages from etch with packages from

My first try would be to fetch the deb and install it via dpkg.  If it
works all is well (except that you don't get security updates for this
package). If dpkg complains about missing dependencies you then have the
choice to either

- install them from sarge as well,
- try whether it works with the packages from etch or
- package it yourself against libraries from etch

Note that every option but the last one leaves you at risk to run into
dependency problems in the future. Problems like these don't break your
system, but it might cost you a few hours to get them resolved.

Another option worth trying is to contact the former Debian maintainer
of the package (Douglas Bates <bates@stat.wisc.edu>). He can probably
tell you whether it's worth trying to port the package to etch (er even

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