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D-I bug? Can someone reproduce it?

I did an install of Lenny beta2 on a laptop running Vista. (Had to for my 
boss).. On partitionning, I choose home, tmp, root, usr and var in separated 
partitions. So, the setup was:
sda1,2,3 for $M
sda5 to 10 for debian
The install went smoothly, but on reboot I got a message saying something 
like: No boot device found, please insert ....,right at boot time. It never 
went to grub. Using a live CD with gparted, I could see that the installer 
had created a 'super' partition sda4 which was holding in it the 5 linux 
partition, with the booting flag on sda5. I moved the flag to sda4, and the 
ploblem was solved.
Since I had 2 machines to setup, I choose the daily build for the second 
machine. Got to the same problem.
If someone could confirm before filing a bug report agains D-I....

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