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Re: Sometimes only 1 desktop and no window border in KDE

On 07/30/2008 05:35 AM, Anton Liaukevich wrote:
Anton Liaukevich wrote:
Sorry. I'm novice at Linux. Please, explain how to use ulimit correctly and what is corefiles.

I have run "killall kwin" command in "konsole" x-terminal but:

anthony@leva:~$ killall kwin
kwin: no process killed

Then I haven't seen any message from kwin on my terminal (after running "kwin &" command).

Now I have seen strange message in konsole:

anthony@leva:~$ kwin: X_SetInputFocus(0x1e0057c): BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes)

No biggie--I get that all the time.

Read "help ulimit" and "man core"

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