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Re: Sometimes only 1 desktop and no window border in KDE

Anton Liaukevich wrote:
Mumia W.. wrote:
On 07/29/2008 05:41 AM, Anton Liaukevich wrote:
Thank you. Actually problem is in kwin. When KDE works good "pgrep kwin" outputs process IDs of loaded kwins, otherwise 'pgrep kwin' outputs nothing. After I run "kwin &" command KDE begins to work good (4 destops and border of the windows appears).

Nevertheless, I want to correct this bug on my machine so that kwin never dye. Prompt me, please, how to do this.

Must I report this bug? Where?

Enable corefiles by setting the appropriate "ulimit" before entering KDE; read "man ulimit"; when you enter KDE, perform a "killall kwin" and then do "kwin &" from within an X-terminal. That should allow messages from kwin to be displayed on the terminal.

When kwin crashes, it might display a stacktrace on the terminal, and you can mail both the stacktrace and corefile to the maintainers. The authors and maintainers for kwin can be found from "apt-get show kwin" and the file /usr/share/doc/kwin/copyright.

Good luck.

It would be better to post the corefile on your web-site and e-mail a link to it to the maintainers/developers since corefiles can be big.

Sorry. I'm novice at Linux. Please, explain how to use ulimit correctly and what is corefiles.

I have run "killall kwin" command in "konsole" x-terminal but:

anthony@leva:~$ killall kwin
kwin: no process killed

Then I haven't seen any message from kwin on my terminal (after running "kwin &" command).

Now I have seen strange message in konsole:

anthony@leva:~$ kwin: X_SetInputFocus(0x1e0057c): BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes)

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