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Re: [OT] Setting up getmail to retrieve mails from gmail [Was: Re: [OT] GMail troubles [Was: Re: du-guidelines - point 7]]

On Mon,28.Jul.08, 19:46:47, Arvind Marathe wrote:
> > > Alright! I didn't specify particularly, but my own mails to the group
> > > have the list headers. Only those mails which also had my email
> > > address in the "To" or "Cc" fields did not have the list headers.
> > 
> > Do you use smtp.gmail.com for sending?
> No.
Well, this explains it all :) gmail hasn't seen the mail before so it 
lets you have it.

Beware, if you use gmail also for sending you will definitely not 
receive your own postings. I choose the other way, I use gmail for 
sending and receive via my ISP's pop. This way I can use the gmail 
address to post, as my ISP won't allow a different 'From:'.

I think (haven't tested) it might be possible to trick gmail by deleting 
all trace of the sent message before it returns via the list. Whether 
this is feasible or even possible (they might have a database with 
mail-ids) I don't know.

If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.
(Albert Einstein)

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