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Re: will not reboot

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On 07/23/08 12:41, Wayne Topa wrote:
> Paul Cartwright wrote:
>> I have a Dell desktop, Intel Duo Core, 2Gb ram, running Lenny,
>> I don't reboot often, but I was recently away on
>> vacation and went to shut down ( then was 2.6.24-1 ) . It gets to a
>> point where it says rebooting, after what I think is MOST processes
>> were shut down, then it just sits there, and my keyboard is dead (
>> caps lock light doesn't come on..) and I have to hold in the OFF
>> button for 6 seconds, to turn it off. It still did it yesterday when I
>> went to the 2.6.25-2 kernel.
>> what do I look for as far as stuck processes or logs??
> I have problems as well booting into 2.6.25-*.  No screen display but I
> can ssh into the box (AMD64).  I changed the 'default  0' to the 2.6.24
> stanza and it boots fine.
> I'll wait for 2.6.26 before I upgrade again.  ISTR 2.6.25 has had 2
> upgrades in the past 2 weeks.

This might not make any difference, but a kernel home-rolled from
linux-source-2.6.25 and booted from lilo works perfectly for me on a
 mobo with an nForce MCP55 chipset.

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