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Re: Problems getting Etch in France

Nigel writes:
 > Oh to hell with Debian.

Arthur writes:
> Problem solved.

Nigel writes:
> The probelm is not solved Arthur  A "I'm a wanker"

> If you have nothing better to say than "problem solved" then bugger off,
> and go and play with yourself.

Arthur is not the one who wrote "to hell with Debian".  Do you think we get
a commission every time someone installs Debian?  Why do you think that
insulting us is going to get us to help you?  Try to contain your
frustration.  Expressing it here will only result in people killfiling you.

> The problem is that I live in France, and to say the least it's a problem
> to buy Debian CD/DVD sets, and pay for them using my Carte Bleue.

And I can't buy Debian CDs in Elmwood and put them on my Coop account.
Sounds like a local problem (or perhaps a business opportunity: anyone is
free to make and sell Debian CDs).  

> Sorry if I'm being sarcastic, but all I want to get is Debian Etch CD's
> from somwhere or other, either paid for, or downloadewd from the
> Internet.

John Hasler

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