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Re: Uninstalling djb daemontools, djbdns

On Tue, 22 Jul 2008 18:09:19 +0300, Georgi Alexandrov wrote:

> Hendrik Boom wrote:
>> Ages ago I installed daemontools and djbdns from the installer on
>> http://cr.yp.to
>> Now I;d like to replace that installation with one that uses the
>> Debian packages.  How do I go about uninstalling the djb versinos?
> Follow the manual and install scripts backwards.
Considering there isn't an installation script ...

Instead, there's a moderately involved C program that's supposed to do the
>> Just removing the /packages and /command directories didn't work.  I
>> get regular messages complaining that /command/svscanboot can't be
>> started, so there are still remnants somewhere.
> You probably have plenty of stuff left in /usr/local and /etc/inittab.

Yup.  There is.  Including the line in inittab that causes djb's
process supervisor to keep restarting.  At least the ones in
/usr/local/bin are all symbolic links elsewhere, so they're easy to find.
I do hope that's all.

Is there an easy way to scan a system to find all files that aren't part
of any package?  Except of course for files like the ones under /home or
/usr/local or such?

-- hendrik

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