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Switch-off problem

Recently my computer devolped a new problem: it sometimes does not
switch itself off when I do shutdown -h now. It hangs somewhere
during the shutdown procedure, and has to be switched off by means
of the mains switch at the back. Fortunately the filesystem is
ext3, so at the next boot it starts again without problems.

I /think/ the problem may be related to nfs. I recently converted
my wife's computer to Linux. A usb disk connected to my wife's
computer contains media files which we both can use. This common
usb disk used to be shared by means of samba/smbfs, but now it is
exported by means of nfs.

Now my theory is that the switch-off problem occurs after the
following events:

1 - I mount the remote usb drive.
2 - my wife switches off her computer.
3 - I try to umount the remote usb drive -- this cannot be done.

I suppose the shutdown program also tries to umount nfs mounts,
but fails, and then instead of skipping this step, just hangs.
Does this make sense? If so, is there a way to solve this problem?

Regards, Jan

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