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Re: virtual machine choices in Debian

H.S. wrote:


Many months ago I had first installed a virtual machine, VMWare. I used it for a few months and then never touched. IIRC, it was free for students back then.

This week I looked it up again (I still have the virtual machines installed) and wanted to reinstall the new version of VMWare Desktop. I noticed that it is not free anymore but comes with a 30 day trial feature.

So, what free and preferably open source choices do we have for virtual machines in Debian? Pros and cons based on your experiences will be appreciated.


If you're going to be scripting the virtual machines and doing a lot of fancy image construction/manipulation I'd recommend qemu. It's on-disk file format is very flexible and easy to customize.

Otherwise, if you're just looking for something to run Windows under a Linux GUI environment, I recommend VirtualBox.


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