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Re: Marvell 88E80856 switching from static to dhcp configuration all on its own

On Thu, Jul 17, 2008 at 01:36:43PM -0700, Freddy Freeloader wrote:
> Andrew Sackville-West wrote:
>> On Thu, Jul 17, 2008 at 11:14:25AM -0700, Freddy Freeloader wrote:
>>> Hi All,
>>> I'm having a strange problem with a Marvell 88E8056 - 10/100/1000   
>>> Controller on a Biostar TA 770 A2+ motherboard.  This is an Etch 
>>> AMD64  install, but I have added the 2.6.25-amd64 kernel as I could 
>>> not get the  Marvell controller to work at all with the 2.6.18 
>>> kernel.     
>> ...
>>> I have two NICs.  The onboard Marvell and a 3Com 3c905b.  The 3Com   
>>> handles dhcp and dns requests.  Both are configured for statically   
>>> configured IP addresses in /etc/network/interfaces.  However, the   
>>> Marvell will, after some unknown amount of time--less than 12   
>>> hours--drop its static IP address and request a dhcp address from the 
>>>  3Com adapter.
>> ...
>>> I'm assuming this is a bug in the sky2 module, but don't know enough  
>>> about things in this area to do more than assume.     
>> I bet it's not a driver problem but simply that you have inadvertently
>> started a dhclient. It picks up a lease from somewhere, but then you
>> restart networking which reverts the interface to a static
>> address. Then when the dhclient thinks the lease has expired, it goes
>> and gets another one. 
>> I've seen this happen on my laptop when I've been monkeying around
>> with getting a connection at a new location. I'll forget that I
>> manually started dhclient and then some time later... maybe days, I'll
>> connect somewhere where I get static ip (like home) and then all of
>> the sudden the dhclient will wake up and go looking for a new
>> address... 
>> probably a killall dhclient will sort it out. 
> I wondered about it, but it didn't make sense in that the networking  
> system is completely ignoring its own configuration.  Plus, this  
> behavior has survived several reboots of the system.   However, I will  
> give that a try and see if the behavior changes. 

do you have network-mangler^Wmanager installed? 

perhaps some other package is starting dhclient? Basically, if you
have both interfaces using static ip, dhclient shouldn't even be
started. care to post /etc/network/interfaces? 


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