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Re: auto update headers

On 07/16/2008 11:30 AM, Preston Boyington wrote:
why is it that after a round of updates via aptitude i have to go in and install things like linux-headers afterwards? how can i tell it to automatically update them along with the kernel? i was under the impression that if i had them installed then aptitude would update them as it does any other package.

usually i need this on my laptop. i use module assistant to compile the madwifi and fglrx support. without the headers installing i lose wifi on reboot and have to go through several steps to get it working again (not difficult, just more trouble than i would think it should be).

if the headers were automatically installed i could open a terminal, run m-a, and then have my network up in just a minute or so.

thanks all,

You didn't say what kernel you installed (nor what O/S you're using--I guess not Windows ;-) ).

It sounds like you installed a kernel image meta-package such as linux-image-2.6-486. If so, also install the kernel headers meta-package for your kernel, e.g. linux-headers-2.6-486.

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