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Re: debian no client name??

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Lóránd Erik escreveu:

    You have to add an entry to the /etc/hosts file of the Ubuntu
    machine which the name and IP of your Debian box, or set up a DNS
    server to be able to resolve the names.

thank you, it worked, so after the standard debian install, there are no hostname for the pc?? i mean i didn't see the client name in the router:O

There is a name for that machine, but for it to be known to other machines, either it must be present in /etc/hosts or a DNS server must be present.

(It's true that some clients, notably Windows ones, have some way of advertising their hostnames to routers and other equipment. I'm not sure the protocol they use for that, but without a DNS server, that is not enought for other Unix-like hosts to know that name.)

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