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Re: debian no client name??

Lóránd Erik escreveu:

I don't know what's the problem, i just can't figure it out:

I install standard debian etch without gui, i give hostname at install, etc, and when i log in the console, and i install ssh [apt-get install ssh openssh-server] i just can't ssh from an ubuntu, but i have done this before, but for some reason it just didn't works now :( i have some clue: i have a router [the two pc's are connected to it - TL-WR-543G] and in the DHCP client list, it says Client name: none - for the debian machine [i now it is it, because the ip match, [i set the address reservation in the router]]

anyone could help please?

ps.: sorry for my grammar:D

You have to add an entry to the /etc/hosts file of the Ubuntu machine which the name and IP of your Debian box, or set up a DNS server to be able to resolve the names.

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