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Re: drbd WAS working fine; but now fsck can't open /dev/drbd? ??

As a followup to my own post -

I've since tried inserting drbd into /etc/modules, and /etc/initramfs-
tools/modules (and updated initramfs).

But nothing I do seems to cause the drbd module to load prior to fsck
(I do have drbd0.7-module-source  installed) and the module DOES load
& work fine, if I manually continue past the boot issue.

Any other thoughts/suggestions?

TIA - Bob

On Jul 14, 1:00 pm, Bob <bobg.h...@gmail.com> wrote:
> running debian etch; drbd v0.7; along with HA; under ext3 filesystems;
> both system were running fine, and drbd work working great.
> assuming there was a power outage, now when I bring up the primary
> system I get (during boot):
> fsck.ext3: no such file or directory while trying to open /dev/drbd0
> the superblock could not be read or does not describe a correct ext2
> filesystem.
> fsck died with exit status 8    ....[snip]... superblock may be
> corrupt.
> <<
> /dev/drbd0 is drbd's device to /dev/sdb1; which DOES fsck PERFECTLY.
> this system isn't even coming up to runlevel 2...  going into maint.
> mode....
> i've tried ef2check -f and it shows filesys clean... (again on /dev/
> sdb1)
> /dev/drbd0 doesn't exist until drbd is loaded; but if I load drbd,
> there's no way I can fsck /dev/drbd0 because "it's busy".
> anyone have any idea's ??
> TIA - Bob
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