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Re: Why isn't Gnome 2.22 in sid yet?

On Wed, Jul 16, 2008 at 02:40:04PM +0200, Simon Wesp wrote:
   > Am Mittwoch, 16 Juli 2008 10:38:18
   > schrieb Cameron Hutchison <lists@xdna.net>:
   > > Why isn't all of Gnome 2.22 in sid yet? I'm most interested in the panel
   > > and the applets which are still at 2.20.3.
   > - many applications now use the new gio library instead of gnome-vfs, leading to important performance improvements
   > - A handful of packages (namely nautilus, gnome-panel and libgnome) will be shipped in their 2.20 version, as we felt gvfs was not stable and featured enough for a stable Debian release. We include our patched, rock-solid version of gnome-vfs instead, even though it means less performance. 
Somewhat unrelated to this, why is abiword lagging behind so much? 


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